POLITECNICO DI MILANO/ Town Planning Design Workshop
a.y. 2016-17
Isabella Inti, coordinator/ Riccardo Mazzoni/ Silvia Sbattella
With Filippo Romano
Tutors: Carlo Gallelli, Mara Reina,Tania Sarria

Ghost Town Laboratory_ Badolato, Riace

Vision and guide lines


In the final part of TPDW students will be asked to develop a site-specific urban planning projects for the N’JONICA AREA from Badolato to Riace, with a multi-scale and time-based programmatic strategy and a formal proposal.

We expect from students to react to the ambitious course program with a project that is capable to interpret the multiple contemporary approaches to urban design, that is to build-up a consistent narrative in which landscape urbanism, open design guidelines, scenarios, cultural and architectural features may clearly emerge.

VISION and guide lines

    1. Identification of an omogeneous geographical and environmental area: N’JONICA
    2. Enhancement of water management
    3. Institution of an Agricoltural District
    4. Regeneration of built legacy
    5. Promoting a dinamic Cultural Heritage
    6. Developing an efficient services and infrastrutctures system



 Projects proposals and PRESENTATION FORMAT

The project proposals will have a vision and guidelines drawn together by teachers, tutors and students, consisting of 1 drawing and text for N’JONICA.

After which the seven groups will have to design 1: 5000 and / or 1: 2000 master plan common to all 9 students member of the group and then you will define subgroups of 2,3,4 students for the site-specific projects, design to the scale of 1: 500 and at occurrence even 1: 200 of the most specific projects related to housing, agriculture and forestry, infrastructure, landscapes, heritage, waterscapes, tourist machine.

During late November and early January we will have some corrections to the work table with the professors and tutors. And it’s recommended to print on scale the first masterplan and projects proposals, to facilitate corrections. After Christmas holiday, the 7 groups will present with pdf to the TPDW class course the first project ideas.


15-16 december 2016

9.45 A.M. – 6.30 P.M.

→student coorection


22 or 23 december 2016

9.45 A.M. – 6.30 P.M.

→student coorection | the place will be announced soon, because in those days there are dissertations and we have to change classroom.


12-13 january 2017

9.45 A.M. – 6.30 P.M.

→student presentation of sitespecific masterplan and projects